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Submitted by Sanjukta Roy on
Considering that propagation via the new media happens faster than the speed of light and the methods are developing faster than ever, it indeed is very important to see how responsibly the information is interpreted and dealt with. As you rightly said, it on one hand brings the public and private authorities to task but also unleashes extreme reactions on a global scale that can have implications for domestic and international policies. I think that this however is a good thing. This should also be an inspiration for donor agencies to streamline funds to ensure good governance and proper media development in developing countries, even more. In fact considering (again) that the new media grows really fast, the development of the media sector should actually become a priority item. I have seen in my country itself (India) to what extent the media has turned into a "watchdog" of the government and the development has shown up merely in the past few years. the Indian media still overdoes it and needs refinement, but at least it is learning and yeilding results. Along with itself it is making the populace more aware too. And i do not think information should be censored. However they should not be sensationalized, and there in comes the refinement and responsibility of the sector and the sectoral experts. Looking forward to more blogs and expert comments on the topic Sanjukta