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Submitted by Cyrano on
I rather invert this reflection for a moment: could USA be taken as an example of mature free press? There's a great network discussing and acting on this already: it is called Independent Media Center, a fast-growing horizontal network built on voluntary local collectives all over the world. It began on USA. It spread first in developed countries. Than I think this reflection about Wikileaks applied to "developing countries" might be missing some point. Before asking what Wikileaks would be like in those countries, we must define which of the developed ones should be taken as a model to compare on. If USA, supposely, might be not an example of mature free press, which developed country could be turned into a model, then? I am thinking about that because, maybe, we have this free press challenge not only in "developing countries", but in a wider range and in more subtile categories than a pair of opposites as "developed/developing countries". This division might not clear up the real picture of the situation of the press and the access to information all over the world, as it supposes that there's a generally better situation in developed countries, and a worse situation in developing ones. This conception demands a deeper investigation.