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For every action there is a RE action and my bet is that those in control of the many will do one of several things including Coming down hard on sources of leaks citing national security - we will see traitors emerging.. Misinformation - the site will be "leaked" to through the security services, Disinformation - articles and info on the site will be found to be false / inaccurate and therefore discredit the site resulting in it lising any credibility We live in strange times with much to complain about sadly (in my view) we are not governed by public servants by an elite who dictate and have done for so many years we have grown comfortably numb and continue to do so. Wikileaks at some point are likely to be targetted IF they are determined to undermine the ruling class through a lengthy and expensive court action - it could get very messy. We should ALL be standing up for TRUTH and INTEGRITY from our leaders - if they don't deliver we should be able to get rid of them and have leaders who inspire and lead us towards a peaceful world - we only get short time on this planet we must have leadership that allows us to live peacefully and co-exist in harmony.