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It is true that civil society ,if able to take power ,will make a great change in the mentality of the arab countries.But , There is a very rich and formidable force hidden & disguised as friendly to the US and others who are fighting to kill this civil society birth or life.If you see and analyse what is happening in Egypt today,Salafi muslims as well as the M.Brotherhood have infiltrated the army the peasants and the workers society to dominate them under the Religion Banner saying that the coran does not accept DEMOCRACY .All these fanatics are survived by petroleum money from Saoudi Arabia.So Egypt will be in fact a non governable country with the termoil it is in since there is no protection for the civil from the religious thugs who are now killing Copts and insulting any woman who is not veiled in the street even attacking and raping them.So reading the Egyptian papers in arabic can show that it is up to the civil society to act by first imposing the law and order that the army has not been able to apply till now or to prosecute the protagonators of fear of being against religion .The army could and will act very fast if Obama tell them that the money will not go to the army if a really civil govt. law and order is not performed fast.