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Submitted by Tusubira Daniel. on
You guys are all blaming officials in education sector for being corrupt. To this i agree to its existance, however, i would like us to first address the route cause of corruption accross. Heads of states are the first drivers to this action. In africa it is even worse.At times i wounder why these guys keep on addressing the public to act against corruption when the authors of the book are the ring leaders of the action. Let our heads of start first redeem them selves from this act and then their subodinates will feel guilty and too follow suite,otherwise is as good as saying that "do as i say but not as i do". Timely salary,oppeness and transperancy by our heads of state practice,etc shall may be make a change. Just imagine the audacity of a serious team to approve an expenditure of washing a vehicle for billions of worth man, yet a teacher is to be paidt late his little salary, because the ministry doesn't have enough funds on time for timely salary despatching. God bless Uganda with it's leaders.