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It should be kept in perspective that the basic human nature flourishes and wallows in polarisation. It is intrinsic to the human nature to choose sides that provide him with succour, honours his sense of identity and gets him security. Everywhere all around us is a divide - black-and-white, peaks and valleys, day and night, good and bad, death and life, and so on. The media as well as the political establishment only represents this. Online media, while thriving on the polarisation also has a click away various websites that counter polarisation. Eventually they win, i.e. the websites that counter polarisation, even though it will take some time for the win to happen. Public broadcasting service, while a good idea, is a nonstarter. In India, the government has a strong stake in public broadcasting service and owns it. It is also very boring and is generally supposed to be a propagandist tool of the government. The history of last few centuries tell us that slowly the world is shrinking as well. Internet has been a big catalyst in the recent years to connect disparate people. I am optimistic.