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Thanks for the post! Could not agree more on the potential of social media for good governance, I hear often from colleagues in the Arab region about the social media revolution and how these tools can promote democracy; but I think in many ways in the region where I work (Eastern Europe and the CIS) things have progressed faster in the analysis and concrete application of these tools for promoting good governance (I refer to developing contexts); looking at effectiveness and efficiency of the public administration for example or at the fight against corruption. A study that we produced in 2011 on social media for anti corruption ( kick started a wealth of UNDP activities in the region (and beyond I think).. What is next? to me your point 3 is particularly interesting (social media in government saves time and money). I am a bit skeptical about the engagement of citizens on the bases of universal values, especially in this region; governments that utilize social media becomes more effective in providing services and promoting economic development, this is true especially looking at some work done at the local level. We are looking at the intersection between social media and open data tools to promote good governance and economic development, maybe this is the way to go also for promoting the behavioral change you rightfully talk about..