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Thanks for this inspiring blog. I believe that the national and local authorities need to approach the development challenges with innovation and do their best to be more inclusive no matter of the geographical or societal determinants. Compared to central government, local government offers much more fertile ground for the successful introduction of measures to ensure direct participatory democracy. This is especially the case with the increased digitalization of society. A recent innovation in Macedonia provides an example of how to to increase transparency at local level by implementing accountable action. For the first time ever in country, citizens can now use a free phone-number and an interactive website to give their feedback on the work of local government. By calling the new phone-line at 0800 111 85, or by using the Get Involved and Give a Suggestion! Website (, citizens can register their level of satisfaction with the essential services provided by their municipalities and report any shortfalls in the implementation of laws and policies at the level of local government. Since recently the platform can be followed on Facebook and Twitter. We are confident that our initial objective of increasing direct communication between the citizens and the Ministry of Local Self-Government has been advanced by this tool even in the first month of its operation when a total of 38 proposals were received with over 2,000 visitors (from 26 different countries!).