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Submitted by Jude Hanan on
We'd love to hear more about your work in Kosovo on building information and transactional services. You rightly point out that access to information is an important step towards a fair and open society. is certainly one of the forerunners in this space - particularly in the delivery of clearly defined transactional services. You're also right to also point out that a smart phone app would be helpful to building a wider audience, particularly as mobile penetration in the UK is relatively high. Are you able to share more about your work in Kosovo and how you're measuring success? In a number of ways, websites are only one (and very crucial) step towards delivering access to information. Governments do need to engage more on social media as these types of tools, when matched with more traditional digital approaches, can support anti-corruption measures and encourage better delivery of government services. The networked nature of social media offers a way for both citizens and government to validate the performance of government services or even government officials. As always, any social media activity should be based on audience requirements - a subject I will cover in my next blog.