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Submitted by Chris Decker on
In Kosovo, we too are looking at increasing transparency in government. And again picking up Jude’s third point about speed and efficiency, our purpose is two-fold; one to allow people better information about local service provides and by having price-lists for permits and other fees readily accessible, it should help prevent low level corruption. We are certainly not recreating the wheel. What we are hoping to do is to bring a bit of ( to Kosovo. What I love about this site is that with 3-4 clicks you have really in-depth information to solve your problem. You can find how much road tax you will need to pay on your car, cost of building permits, or the process of taking your employer to a tribunal. And the best part is that all the forms you need to make any application are all online. The one drawback at the moment is that it does not appear to have a smartphone app, which its predecessor Directgov had. In Kosovo we hope that by increasing the citizens’ access to this sort of information, people will not be milling around municipal buildings and with fees already known there is less likelihood that government employees can ask for money to give out the forms or inflate the fee to pocket some for themselves.