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The 3rd Summer Institute on Communication and Governance Kicks Off!

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The 3rd Summer Institute kicked off on Tuesday, May 27 2013 with participants from over ten countries with diverse professional backgrounds, ranging from government, multilateral agencies and NGOs. Despite arriving from far away countries and some in the wee hours of the night, participants were fully engaged, ready to learn and contributed to lively discussions. 

The Summer Institute is being offered at the Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism at University of Southern California in partnership with the Annenberg School for Communication at University of Pennsylvania, the World Bank Institute’s Leadership and Governance Practice, and the World Bank’s External Affairs Operational Communications. The course primarily targets advisers in the public sector, civil society, senior development professionals and seasoned communication specialists who want to expand their network and strengthen critical competencies to provide implementation support to change agents and reform leaders in developing countries.

The program has been developed on a premise that successful implementation of policy reforms depend significantly on non-technical, real-world issues that relate to people and politics -- lack of political will, resistance from middle managers, vested interests, hostile public opinion and weak citizen demand for accountability -- and without strategic plans to tackle these issues, policy reforms can face severe challenges. In these ten days the participants will learn how to deploy cutting-edge approaches and techniques drawn from on-the-ground experience as well as applied research in political and strategic communication and the allied social sciences.
There will be a report back on how the course is progressing. In the meantime, please join me in welcoming this year’s participants to the course and to Los Angeles!

Photo Credit: Rong Wang
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