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Submitted by Sudarshan Balakrishnan on

The author has failed to address the menace of corruption that is plaguing India. If WB funds $100, most likely $20 would be used for actual implementation. The rest will go into political bosses. Just read somewhere at the government wants to achieve 30% enrollment in school from current 18%. We are talking about school not colleges... so if only 18% are currently going to school and remaining 82% goes to unskilled labor workforce. vocational training, ITIs and other such institutes will not be able to bring in more skilled people. So the focus should be on the elementary schooling which will aid in increasing the workforce which can be training in vocational groups, ITIs and other institutions... for this to be achieved we need to do two things.. free education,food, and health care to all children under the age of 13 (till 8th standard).. very very stringent child labor law and we should hold the administration responsible.. currently there is no responsibility or accountability so none of them care.. this needs to change....