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Submitted by Sandor Sipos on

Hi Kate and Duncan,

I think the 'magic' goes beyond us and we will see more of it over time. Our 'Open' is making available, in a steady, reliable and usable way a global public good to enable and empower the public to produce that 'magic'. On the first place, we should be held accountable precisely for producing (and validating) this public good. We should then be able and open to responding to new initiatives that arise from the increased data and information in our operations. But we should be clear about the roles, accountability and attribution. Producing, validating and making available open data is a value in itself from where we should not step back even if the 'magic' disappoints in the beginning and even if it costs us a lot to upkeep. Instead we should rephrase the question: How (and who) can we help the public make better use of the data and information?

We should also monitor and measure the uptake and use of our open data in view of both being better informed about its impact and in order to produce it more efficiently and effectively - for which we are clearly responsible.

WBG (and ex-IDS Leverhulme Fellow 1988-89)