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Submitted by Akshatvishal Chaturvedi on

This is a very interesting blog from Abhilaksh, congratulations for writing such an informative analysis of ICET in the rural education. The author has driven some data from his firsthand experience in Haryana and with good analysis on the challenges with the satellite based teaching system at the country level. I have been involved in several public education initiatives related to public as well as formal education projects for the rural communities of Gujarat. Private sector could play much bigger role. Starting from the private television broadcast companies to village internet centers running virtual classroom program for kids. The Khan Academy experiment could also be replicated by NGOs as well as the multiple private coaching and tuition institutions. There is a growing number of private tuition and coaching facilities in the small towns and bigger villages of India. State could strengthen the invest climate in the sector thus incentivizing education institutes to reach out to the students. It is quite likely that all the crucial factors such as technology, services and infrastructure associated with the rural education could be addressed with the help of private sector financing.