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Submitted by Brendan McNulty on

Nice quote Sina. There's also a lesson to be learned from the UFC's success (I'm a fan and slightly biased). As simple and as brutal as the sport seems, there was a tremendous amount of consumer research, testing and re-engineering that went into it. When the UFC first came on the scene in the early 90s, the lack of fighting rules and the format turned off a lot of viewers and resulted in frequent injuries for the fighters. Many U.S. state gaming commissions banned its broadcast in their state and fighters began to jump ship to other MMA leagues (like Pride in Japan). The concept Dana and others had of introducing this new kind of combat sport was as sound then as it is now, but the details were all off. Within a few years they were almost bankrupt and on the verge of collapse. So they went and spoke with each state gaming commission to see what changes they required in order to become supporters of the sport. They consulted with coaches and medical professions on what fighters could and couldn't "safely" endure and went back and tinkered around with the rules of engagement, fighting schedule and tournament format. Now it's a pay-per-view behemoth, has mainstream appeal and is one of the most watched professional sports in the world. All within 20 years.