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Submitted by Alisha K on

Bicycle is an amazing invention. Not only its eco friendly and affordable, it's also a great exercise tool that improves people's health. Many people these days waste their precious money on exercise machines, or get monthly plan at the gym. Instead of wasting money, they can invest on a bike, which can last for a long time. Riding a bicycle is equivalent to working out at the gym. Bicycling is a great way to keep a person fit, get fresh air, and also bond with family members. Unlike other transportations which are the lead cause of air pollution, bicycle is eco-friendly and does not harm the earth. Its a win win situation for everyone. After reading the article, I found out that many countries and cities are going green and using bicycle instead of other transportations. We humans have already caused so much damage to our mother earth, and i think its time to fix our mistakes. Bicycle is an amazing start to help our mother earth.