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Submitted by Ethan Hoffman on

Definitely an eye-opening article to say the least; sheer proof in front of our very own eyes that bikes are clearly not being utilized to their full potential! Not only do bicycles offer an environmentally friendly way of transportation, but they're also much cheaper to produce and maintain than cars! Even more, bikes solve the problem that every major city faces, traffic congestion! I'd be baffled as to why more people don't push for more incentives to bike instead of driving, but people take time to adjust and accept radical changes! I do see bikes as being a long term answer, but not today. We, as people, must keep pushing and advocating for bikes over cars, and as more people slowly join in the mass population will soon follow in suit; civil rights didn't happen over night, and neither can the bike movement. Only through persistence and rational reasoning can we make bikes the main source of transportation across the globe! Bikes can take us far, so lets ditch the car!