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Submitted by Stephen Hahm on

There are a lot of ways to save our planet. One of our main problem is pollution. If more and more people are riding bicycles instead of driving a car, then we can solve our pollution problem little by little. We can't expect our pollution problem to be resolved in 24 hours but if we act now, we can solve a lot more than we would 10 years from now. Bicycling is a great way of transportation. It doesn't need gas, license, and checkups. Just like the article said, South Korea has one of the best transportation systems in the world. You can get to any destination with Korean metro and it is only couple dollars (in Terms of US Currency). In US, since the land is so big, the only way to travel is by cars or buses. However, even though it may take little longer than cars, cycling is a great way to travel and it also helps you exercise so either way it is a win win situation for cycling. So, more and more people should recognize that there are a lot of ways to transport from one place to another besides cars.