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Submitted by Henok Gaim on

Many people undermined the drastic changes cycling can have. Cycling is similar to language, its something that can unifies a group of people in order to deal with global problems. I remember hearing about a Detroit cycling project headed by Jason Hall in order to fix the troubled city of Detroit by unifying people with bikes. The Organization was called "Detroit Bike city" and Hall's idea to fix Detroit with Bikes just didn't cross paths with me. I never really thought much about cycling but now I know the resounding effects it can have on society. Now I know, cycling isn't a sport or hobbie, its something that can bring freedom and health to someones life.

I found it interesting how the world has so many bikes and yet carbon fuel-ed Cars dominate our air and transportation. Saving the environment should always be on the top of the list of priorities, in this world, everyone can make a difference opting for riding a bike at least for once.