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  • Reply to: People Power: What Do We Know About Empowered Citizens and Development?   15 hours 7 min ago

    A lot of development work has focused on building institutional capacity instead of focusing on building up strong foundation for civic engagement within society. This has been because it is much more logistically feasible to disburse aid money to formal institutions as compared to individual local organisations.So while the point that you make about trying to build local capacity is a better way of empowering people, it is more a case of how much of each should be implemented rather that which of the two options can be more effective.

  • Reply to: Now Accepting Applications! Summer Institute 2015 - Reform Communication: Leadership, Strategy and Stakeholder Alignment   20 hours 31 min ago
    Unfortunately, we are not able to offer any scholarships or financial assistance for the Summer Institute at this time. If you are accepted into the program and pay for the course before January 16, you will receive a discount. The course fee drops from $5,000 to $4,250 for non-profits or government entities. We can also offer deeply discounted rates on campus housing.
  • Reply to: Politics, Economists and the Dangers of Pragmatism: Reflections on DFID's Governance and Conflict Conference   2 days 20 hours ago

    Thanks Duncan. The clarification on perspective is welcome. There is room for diversity of perspectives, however if divergent views of re-engineering the polity / community (at each specific level - Village to Global: the different contexts you mention) are not aligned and harmonized, then there will be problem of the type you have knowingly or unknowingly described.

    In each Community (Village to Global), without bringing whole of specific community thinking to bear on whole of specific community problems, we will continue to dance around in underdevelopment. Allowed to continue, the ultimate consequences will most likely to be catastrophe.

    We are concerned that WBG and DFID, two International Institutions you are familiar with, consistently seek to avoid or evade finding answers to How questions, fully implementing these answers with effective monitoring and evaluation of these answers. In reality they do not learn lessons from lessons learnt and so they keep repeating mistakes of history.

    The real and complex World Sustainable Development problems on the ground in each of the over 200 UN Member Countries and Non UN Member Countries in our World today are not insoluble. However, solutions lies in Business Unusual, National / Institutional Self Correction, Building Bridge between Lessons Learning and Lessons Forgetting and related Interventions.

    We have complained about our experience on this Thread; 3 December 2014 WBG Live Chat on International Corruption Hunters Alliance and 4 December 2014 WBD Live Stream on WDR 2015 with WBG President as one of the Panelists, to the WBG Integrity Vice Presidency et al.

    It is our hope that we would receive prompt and positive response that demonstrate seriousness at addressing WDR 2015 How Questions, all pre WDR 2015 How questions and all post WDR 2015 How questions.

    It is against this background that we invite you Dear Duncan to join us in shifting focus away from problems and passing blame and shifting focus towards solutions and opportunities as Consultants with minimum certain levels of Competences - Hard Competences: Learning and Skills and Soft Competences: Character, Courage and Mindset are invited to support WBG, UN, IMF, EC and Partners on Developed and Developing Countries sides in the great work towards achieving increasing convergence between WBG Twin Goals - End Extreme Poverty and Promote Shared Prosperity Intention and Reality that is Integral part of work towards achieving increasing convergence between Final Push to achieve MDGs by 2015 and Post 2015 Development Agenda Intention and Reality.

    The Ball is in your Court as well as WBG Court, will you and WBG Play?.......

  • Reply to: Politics, Economists and the Dangers of Pragmatism: Reflections on DFID's Governance and Conflict Conference   3 days 1 hour ago

    Thanks Lanre, I suspect we have a different view of the relative merits of certainty and ambiguity! In general I find asking questions at these kinds of events is productive, whereas they are best answered differently in each different context. If someone is trying to supply global answers, alarm bells start ringing.
    And the point about confusion is that it means your received wisdoms have been effectively challenged, rather than confirmed (which is much less interesting).

  • Reply to: Protecting Whistleblowers: What Does It Mean and What Can Be Done?   3 days 8 hours ago

    The preamble to The Protection of Whistleblowers Act in India requires the setting up of a machinery for this purpose. Leveraging social media and popularising tech tools like Project Vigeye are in my opinion necessary to strengthen and give practical shape to the intent of the legislature. The bureaucracy knows the power of such tools and therefore starves such projects of resources to make them ineffective. Does it take four years to tender and fix an agency to process complaints received in Project Vigeye? CVC and DoPT are both sleeping! Or they are not keen on fighting #corruption. We need private and global sponsors to unite civil action against the corrupt. Leaving it to public officials to run this show is fatal to its survival.