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  • Reply to: Is sport inhumane?   4 days 10 min ago

    Hello Ben, I really appreciate your comment, especially on the eve of the closing ceremony. I was also able to glance through the suggested commentary of yours. It appears that we are both on the same page. I am just in between the Olympics and the Paralympics catching up with my academic life, but I must say that the Games in Rio brought new light to the elite sport. The 121 medals of the US and their ramifications are mind blowing. We have seen many (perhaps too many) repeat medalists, and I have noticed a new role for religion in sport. Overall, we are moving away from the idea of sport for all. There are too many watching and too few competing in the Olympic sports. I still have to digest all of my observations, but Rio 2016 was a very unique experience. Let's reconnect upon the closing ceremony of the Paralympics.

  • Reply to: Is sport inhumane?   5 days 18 hours ago

    Thanks for this great post. I think it raises my interesting points about modern, elite sport which has become elitist, exclusive and actually works against many development goals. I use that George Orwell quote from about 50 years ago often in my research. In addition, to the fact that elite sport may be dehumanising, even more worrying is the fact that elite sport tends to reinforce gender stereotypes, violence, cheating, matchfixing, doping and many other negative symptoms which undermine development.
    See link to an article I wrote in the Journal of Sport for Development ( making this point. We need to stop taking elite sport so seriously and invest in sport for development initiatives which take all people into account.

  • Reply to: Nudge for good: How insights from behavioral economics can improve the world— and manipulate people   1 week 1 day ago

    I'm very excited while reading this article. As a WASH Worker, I'm interested to have those kind of articles to improve skills and knowledge in the domain.
    Thanks to Professor Michael and we need always to his guidance in this way.


  • Reply to: Campaign Art: Respecting food’s life cycle   1 week 1 day ago

    Hi Davinia Levy!!
    You are absolutely right. We must take care of wasting food issue specially Rich Countries.

    I will share your view to me friends.
    Than You,
    Cogent. IT Contractor Accountants

  • Reply to: Animal husbandry and dairy development: State of Haryana’s initiatives in India   1 week 3 days ago

    Very informative article. Incidentally, one of my PhD students has taken up PhD thesis work, "Capacity Assessment of State department of Animal Husbandry for livestock service delivery in Haryana". This article plus possibility of an interaction with you would be helpful.