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Communication for Water Sector Reform: Obstacles & Opportunities

By Karla Chaman, Tracey Miller, and Paul Mitchell

This Learning Note is published by the Operational Communications Division in the World Bank’s External Affairs Vice Presidency. It aims to help task managers communicate with service providers as they prepare for an urban water supply reform project. The focus is on how strategic public communication programs can help governments and stakeholders im-prove the delivery and sustainability of water supply services. The note will also be helpful for government officialspolicy makers, util-ity managers, communication specialists, and NGOs who are navigating the social and po-litical issues associated with water reform and who want to improve the commercial viability of the services. It does not prescribe solutions for how services should be delivered, but exam-ines how integrating strategic communication programs into the broader reform agenda can help achieve better deelopment results.

To download, click here (PDF, 28 pages)