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'Development Outreach' on the Contours and Possibilities of Open Development

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Is the newly fashionable term 'open development' another masterpiece of imprecision, or does it mean something real, definable and enduring? The latest edition of the World Bank Institute's flagship magazine, Development Outreach, invites you to partake in a meditation on an emerging paradigm shift in development practice.

The World Bank Institute (WBI)  asked me to serve as Guest Editor of the edition. I was delighted to accept. And  the CommGAP team worked on the edition with our WBI colleagues. Together, we brought together a number of leading thinkers from around the world to reflect on aspects of what we think constitutes 'open development'.

I hereby invite you to meet them and to see what you make of what they have to say:

Please feel free to write in and comment on what we are all saying.

Photo Credit: Kannan B (on Flickr)

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Dear Sina:
I hope you might still remember me. We met while you were still working here in London for DFID. I tried to find your World Bank email address to email you but failed.

I am writing to see whether we can meet while I am in the USA.
As you know I am Executive Director of The Media Diversity Institute (MDI), a London-based charity, which has just set up the MDI USA and as our first step in our USA ‘adventure’ I will be coming to NYC and WDC to meet our USA Trustees, potential partners, and, before all – to learn more about the current debates on the issues around media and diversity in America and to share our experience with organisations such as World Bank. You can learn more about our work from Here, in short, MDI main objective is to promote Freedom of Expression and Access to Information rights through enhancing professional standards of media actors (reporters and Media Decision Makers), through supporting civil society organisation in their efforts to take more say in public debates on all issues relevant to all citizens regardless of their political, social or cultural background and through working with journalism and communication academics eager to introduce innovative practical modules to help future journalists become more inclusive and more sensitive in their everyday jobs. We have worked so far in different parts of the world - from Norway to Nigeria and from Cuba to China and Indonesia, the EU and MENA regions included. We work with media industry, civil society and journalism faculties. One of the rarities - according to a Columbia University professor – we run an MA in Diversity & Media in partnership with the University of Westminster. Apart from the EC, our work has been supported by SIDA, the FCO, the OSF, the Sigrid Rousing Trust, the Dutch Government. Right now we are running several multi-annual programmes in the EU, Russia, Lebanon, Algeria, Morocco, Western Balkans, Egypt and China.
I am planning to be in the USA February 22-28 and would love to see you, and, if you think, some of your other colleagues.

At this stage I’d only like to check whether you’d be in WDC when I am there, Feb 26-28? It would be great to see you and explore with you and your colleagues possibilities to work with you in the regions/ countries where the World Bank and MDI have similar /same interests. As you know American approach to the role of media is rather different to the one we have in Europe, so, your experience would be an immense contribution to our work in the field we cover as MDI.

Please let me know what to expect.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Thanks in advance, best, Milica.
Milica Pesic, Executive Director
Media Diversity Institute
Victoria Charity Centre
11 Belgrave Road, SW1V 1RB
London / Great Britain

Tel: +44 (0) 207 2552 473
Mobile: +44 (0) 7990971564
[email protected]
skype milicapesic /

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