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From the Global Public Sphere

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These are some of the views and reports relevant to our readers that recently caught our attention.

Center for International Media Assistance (CIMA):
By the People: The Rise of Citizen Journalism

"CIMA is pleased to release a new report, By the People: The Rise of Citizen Journalism, by Eugene Meyer, a veteran journalist. Citizen journalism is seen by some as an antidote to the widening gap in societies where traditional news media—print and broadcast—are in decline. Yet in societies that could benefit most from these developing forms of news reporting, repressive regimes are working to suppress freedom of the press, whether in the traditional mainstream media or in the brave new world of citizen journalism. This report examines both the challenges and opportunities facing citizen journalism around the world."

Berkman Center for Internet & Society:
Political Change in the Digital Age: The Fragility and Promise of Online Organizing

"In this paper, we discuss the possible impact of digital technologies in authoritarian and semi-authoritarian regimes.  We conclude that policymakers and scholars that have been most optimistic about the impact of digital tools have over-emphasized the role of information, specifically access to alternative and independent sources of information and unfiltered access to the Internet.  We argue, in contrast, that more attention should be paid to the means of overcoming the difficulties of online organization in the face of authoritarian governments in an increasingly digital geopolitical environment."

Department for International Development (DFID):
Radio and Development in Africa

"Radio is still the dominant mass-medium in Africa with the widest geographical reach and the highest audiences compared with television (TV), newspapers and other information and communication technologies (ICTs). The role of radio as a development tool in Africa is examined. The different types of radio stations (state-controlled public radio, privately-owned commercial radio, community-controlled radio and international radio) and their value in reaching and empowering the poor are considered."


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