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An International Alliance against Corruption: Mindful of its Actions but Determined to Act

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When they first met in 2010, they hardly knew each other.  This week, members of the World Bank’s International Corruption Hunters Alliance convened their second meeting and for many of them, the fight against corruption is no longer solo. 
Once again, the World Bank welcomes more than 200 corruption fighters driving an agenda that is focused on international cooperation, technological tools and new approaches that can be incorporated in their anti-corruption mission.  Since their meeting in 2010, a lot has happened.  Corruption did not end but many of their collective actions had a profound impact in spreading a higher standard of accountability in public procurement and creating a broader range of enforcement powers.  Cooperation between the World Bank Integrity Vice Presidency and a number of national prosecution and investigative bodies has resulted in action against corrupt companies and officials.  Examples are many.  The point is, working as an Alliance is about sharing information and conducting parallel investigations, that is turning transnational crimes from a challenge to a success story.

Not only that, the World Bank joined hands with its partners to address knowledge and capacity gaps that have been identified by members of the Alliance in 2010.  This week, a Technology Expo is being held in conjunction with the second meeting of the Alliance.  Show-casing IT tools and systems that can be customized to support investigative and forensic research by corruption fighters, it offers an opportunity to expedite access and enhance the quality of the information they need, bringing them a step closer to success.  In partnership with George Washington University and the StAR initiative, an operational training course for investigators is also be held as part of the Alliance program this week.  The point is the Alliance has momentum.  Armed with technology, training, knowledge and the power of a community of practice, this is an alliance headed toward attaining a higher score in the fight against global corruption than was ever achieved.
For international organizations like the World Bank, this alliance is critical to its fight against poverty.  With the backing of an international alliance, and among a global network of peers, anti-corruption authorities are finally experiencing the impact that their acts and their mission of integrity can bring to the world.

Photo Credit: World Bank

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