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Media (R)evolutions: Agricultural Productivity Gap- The Opportunity for Mobile

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New developments and curiosities from a changing global media landscape: People, Spaces, Deliberation brings trends and events to your attention that illustrate that tomorrow's media environment will look very different from today's, and will have little resemblance to yesterday's.


This infographic highlights three main points:

  1. A vast number of people in developing countries work in agriculture, far more than in the developed world. In fact 99% of all people working in agriculture live in developing countries
  2. Despite this huge proportion of labour force engaged in agriculture in the developing world, there is a productivity gap: in the developing world yields are 60% of those in the developed world
  3. Meanwhile, the growth of mobile phones in emerging markets has been rapid (from 4% penetration in 2000 to 70% in 2010). This presents an exciting opportunity to use mobile technology and infrastructure to deliver critical information to farmers

Source: GSMA

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