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The Monty Python Guide to Aid and Development. Part One – Politics

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Yesterday I idly tweeted a request for the Monty Python sketches most relevant to development. Great response, uncovering some forgotten gems – turns out Python fans are everywhere, (and they’re not even all men, well not 100% anyway). Too many for one post, so today we’ll do politics. Here are my favourites (with credits where due):

Good governance and accountability (aka anarcho sindicalist v monarchist discourses) [via Emily Barker and others]

Monty Python- The Annoying Peasant

Colonial legacy and institutions [aka what have the Romans ever done for us?, via Matt Collin]

What have the Romans ever done for us

And, of course, that essential guide to coalition building, the People’s Front of Judea [via Owen Barder and several others]

The People's Front

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Submitted by Anand on

Brilliant and very timely. Thanks for reminding us and bringing these Python gems to bear on increasingly bizzare discourse on development. Keep them coming.

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