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New Publications on Media Development around the World

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Twice a year, CAMECO (a consultancy specializing in media and communications) publishes a list of selected publications on media and communications in Africa, Asia, Eastern Europe, Latin America and the Middle East. This rich resource includes 311 titles, covering 140 countries worldwide. Many of the titles can be downloaded directly.

The following topics are covered:

Audience Research; Children & Media, Youth & Media, Media Education; Christian & Religious Communication; Community Media; Conflicts, Peace & Media; Development Communication, Environmental Communication, Health Communication; Freedom of the Press, Media Policies, Media Legislation; Gender & Media; ICTs & Information Society; International Communication; Journalism, Journalism Training; Media Development Cooperation; Media Economics, Media Management; Media Ethics & Accountability, Media Self-Regulation; Media Landscapes, Media & Communication General, Media & Society; Minorities, Diasporas, Indigenous Peoples, Disadvantaged Groups & Media; Political Communication, Media & Governance; and Technological Aspects of Media & ICTs, Digitalization.

Here’s a link to the list. You can also check out CAMECO’s online library catalog for more resources.

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