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Quote of the Week: Winston Churchill

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"A fanatic is one who can’t change his mind and won’t change the subject."

– Winston Churchill

Photo Credit: Library of Congress


Submitted by Maurice Schiff on
This reminds me of another word that may have a asimilar meaning, namely "agelast" or one who never laughs (derived from the Greek 'agelastos' which means 'not laughing'). Milan Kundera refers to it in a speech he gave in Jerusalem upon receiving the Jerusalem Prize. He said it was unfortunate that the word 'agelaste' was no longer in use in the French language. He mentioned that Rabelais hated the agelasts, such as the Catholic Church, which did not approve of his writings and forced him to flee France. For Rabelais, the religious authorities of the time had no 'sense of humor' in the sense that they "knew" they were right and those who thought differently were wrong. I wonder whether the World Bank and its staff might benefit from more ""gelasting"".

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