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Weekly Wire: the Global Forum

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These are some of the views and reports relevant to our readers that caught our attention this week.

Tech Change
This Live Broadcast Is Brought To You By Bambuser: Streaming Video for Activists

"In the technological game of cat and mouse, where activists and governments seek to control the flow of information through digital devices, activists have a new card to play: Bambuser.

Information is power. And controlling the flow of information is important to the strategies of those who have power, and those who seek to take it away from them. Different tech tools have been taking center stage at different times – each with it’s own features that make it the right tool for the right at the time. And right now, Bambuser is giving the upper hand to those want to stream video in real time. As described by CEO Hans Eriksson, Bambuser is what you get if “YouTube fell in love with Skype and had a love child.” Compatible with 260 mobile phone models, Bambuser allows users to broadcast live from their mobile device. As footage is taken, Bambuser streams it directly to social network platforms, blogs, and the Bambuser site among others." READ MORE

Trust Law
Pro bono lawyers help graft watchdogs keep states honest

"Lawyers from nine law firms are working free of charge to help anti-graft groups make sure countries are living up to their obligations under a global treaty to stamp out corruption.

Eight years after the launch of the UN Convention against Corruption (UNCAC), non-governmental watchdog Transparency International (TI) is leading the charge to see how far states have gone in criminalising corruption in their own backyards and cooperating across borders to thwart graft and recover assets." READ MORE

PR Newswire
Omidyar Network Commits $5 Million to Government Accountability in Africa

"Omidyar Network announced today a new two-year, US$5million commitment to fund organizations that foster government transparency and accountability in Africa.  The 'My Voice, Our Community' campaign will invest in innovative organizations that use technology to give citizens a voice in their community by connecting individuals to information and others who share their interests, and by providing them the tools to influence issues that impact their lives.  Impact investments and grants will be made to for-profit and nonprofit organizations based in Africa or that are dedicated to serving the needs of Africans.  Omidyar Network Investment Partner Stephen King made the announcement in Lagos while participating in the British Prime Minister's business delegation to Africa." READ MORE

Afrinnovator: Putting Africa on the Map
Kenya Open Data Initiative: A Developer Perspective

"It’s been a few weeks since the Kenyan government unveiled it’s new open data initiative, KODI, to the public – a first in Africa and a milestone for e-governance in Kenya and Africa. For the first time, this opens up doors to what was previously either inaccessible or hard to obtain data. The government swiftly followed up with the publication of the Hansards, that is, records of parliamentary proceedings on Google Books, a joint effort by the Kenya National Council for Law Reporting and Google Kenya." READ MORE

Southern Sudanese Women’s Coalition Calls for More Inclusive Constitution

"When South Sudan became the world’s newest country on July 9, it joined the community of nations with a new constitution adopted by the Southern Sudan Legislative Assembly in an eight-hour session on July 6. Now it must work to develop a permanent constitution, and many citizens and civic groups are eager to lend a hand." READ MORE

ICT Works
Learn to use Wireless Technology to Extend Internet Access with WirelessU

"WirelessU is a group of dedicated professionals working towards a world-wide, people-centered, inclusive Information Society. Their goal is to make it easier for existing groups to offer wireless training sessions by providing free access to high quality training materials. WirelessU has:

  1. An open access repository of educational materials: All available for any person to download
  2. A tool for educators to distribute training materials to students - just upload & share the link. All revisions and translations are tracked, making it easy to find, share, and collaborate.
  3. A community! WirelessU connects people. Whether you are interested in learning about wireless technology, teaching a wireless training session, or holding a training event at a local venue, WirelessU will help you connect to the people who make all of this possible." READ MORE


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