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Weekly Wire: the Global Forum

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These are some of the views and reports relevant to our readers that caught our attention this week.

Daily News and Analysis India
Join the Fight Against Corruption

"'Today, I take oath that if unfortunately my father is corrupt, I will see that he comes out of corruption by way of life.' This was the oath taken by hundreds of school and college students as former president Dr APJ Abdul Kalam prepared the young minds to tackle one of the grim issues facing India today _ corruption. Kalam was speaking at a ceremony to give away awards to winners of IGNITE-11 atRJ Mathai Auditorium of IIMA. In all, 21 young innovators were awarded at the function.

Kalam urged students to fight corruption by adopting the mantra of giving. "You should go to your father and say, 'Dear Father, if this car is purchased with corruption money, I shall not drive it'," he told kids present in the hall. He said that all kids are ambassadors in the fight against corruption."  READ MORE

Task Force
Publish What You Fund Releases 2011 Pilot Aid Transparency Index

"Publish What You Fund, one of the Task Force’s Allied Organizations, has released their 2011 Pilot Aid Transparency Index. The index is relatively unique in that it looks at the donors, rather than the recipients, of aid, and ranks them by how transparent their giving process is. In all, they ranked 58 countries and institutions who collectively give billions of dollars of aid to the developing world.

Among the best performers were the World Bank International Development Association, Millenium Challenge Corporation and the governments of Sweden, Denmark, and the Netherlands. Among the worst performers were not only U.S. Departments of Treasury and Defense and China, but also surprising donors like the governments of Spain and Portugal."  READ MORE

Transparency International
New Online Portal for Anticorruption Research Launched

"Do you want to know more about the different ways to measure corruption? Are you thinking of undertaking an assessment and want to find out what others have done? Do you want to learn about some of the challenges you might face in conducting a corruption assessment? Then GATEway, the new online portal for anti-corruption research, may just be for you."  READ MORE

ICT Works
The Facebook-less Africa: Where Electronic Social Networks Don't Reach

"You know the amazing photograph of the earth at night showing all the lights of population centers around the world. And you've seen the Facebook friendship map that shows where the concentrations of Facebook users are around the globe.

Ian Wojtowicz mashed those two images together to get The UnFacebook World. The dark lines are Facebook usage and the bright yellow dots are where there are population centers that have bright lights at night but no Facebook friends." READ MORE

Mobile Media Toolkit
Background: Enabling Citizens to Create and Publish Mobile Content

"Media audiences today not only consume content, but also participate in distributing it, provide commentary, and create original content as well. And increasingly, they do that on their mobile phones. This article gives an overview of some of the ways in which people create and publish content from their mobile phones and shows media organizations how they can foster and facilitate that process."  READ MORE


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