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Weekly Wire: The Global Forum

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These are some of the views and reports relevant to our readers that caught our attention this week.

Carnegie Endowment
Aiding Governance in Developing Countries: Progress Amid Uncertainties

"Since emerging as a new donor enthusiasm in the 1990s, governance support has become a major area of aid to developing countries. The idea that remedying debilitating patterns of inefficient, corrupt, and unaccountable governance will unlock developmental progress appeals not just to aid providers but also to ordinary people throughout the developing world who are angry at unresponsive and poorly functioning states. Yet despite the natural appeal of improving governance, it has proved challenging in practice. Many initial assumptions about the task have run aground on the shoals of countervailing realities. As a result, aid practitioners have begun accumulating important insights about how to improve governance aid." READ MORE

Space for Transparency
Corruption Perceptions Index 2011: A call to action

"With all but four Sub-Saharan African countries coming in on the lower half of the 2011 Corruption Perceptions Index, it’s easy to focus on the bad news. But Chantal Uwimana, Regional Director for Africa and the Middle East says the results can be a motivation for governments and citizens alike to tackle corruption, with a focus on the power of the individual to create change.

The deep red marking Sub-Saharan Africa on the 2011 Corruption Perceptions Index map confirms that public sector corruption is seen as endemic in the region. Only Botswana, Cape Verde, Mauritius and Rwanda score above 5 on the Index." READ MORE

Data Blog
The Corruption Map of the World

"Transparency International's transparency index measures each country in the world on corruption. See how they compare by clicking on each country. Use the dropdown menu to see how scores have changed since 2008."  READ MORE

Global Integrity
What Are People Saying About the Open Governance Partnership Meetings in Brazil

"As representatives from member countries of the Open Government Partnership (OGP) and civil society groups convene in Brasilia, Brazil over the next couple days, I thought I would cover what people on Twitter are saying and asking regarding the initiative and process." READ MORE

World Bank Live
Q&A about Anti-Corruption

"The World Bank sees corruption as one of the single largest obstacles to economic and social development. On International Anti-Corruption Day, December 9, 2011, the World Bank will host a live online chat with Leonard McCarthy, the World Bank's Vice President for Integrity, to discuss recent progress in the fight against corruption, new tools to hold wrongdoers accountable, and how preventive tools and technology can help strengthen anti-corruption efforts.

The World Bank Integrity Vice Presidency is responsible for investigating allegations and advising project teams on how to prevent risks of fraud, collusion and corruption in World Bank projects, capitalizing on the experience of a multilingual and highly specialized team of investigators and forensic accountants."  READ MORE

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