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Welcome to CommGAP’s blog People, Spaces, Deliberation.  We hope this platform will be a useful tool for all of us to share knowledge, debate, and discuss ideas about how to secure good governance and accountability.

My colleagues and I will blog on a weekly basis on various topics and we hope you will join in the conversations.


Submitted by Catherine (Uganda) on
Sina, Thanks to you and your team for developing this interesting and information sharing blog. I am sure it will be very helpful. All the best.

Submitted by Kami on
It is a very promising start of the new year indeed. If you wish, I can put a link to this site on my private blog

Submitted by Johanna on
Many thanks for your response Kami! We appreciate you adding this link to your site. Please feel free to share and bookmark posts on this blog. Johanna (CommGAP Team)

Submitted by Johanna on
Thanks Catherine, we appreciate the feedback! Look forward to hearing from you. Johanna (CommGAP Team)

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