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Wit and Consultant-Speak from an Executive Course

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During our recent Executive Course in Communication and Governance Reform (Washington, DC, July 18-27) I mostly listened and took notes as the expert faculty and the participants interacted. Reading through my notes later, I noticed that I jotted down some of the substantive insights but I also noted  utterances that amused me. Here is a sample of the latter in no specific order and without attribution. Warning: each one needs a pause for reflection.

  • There are three words that you cannot put in the same sentence: good, fast, and cheap.
  • BBC: Born Before Computer.
  • On the need to manage your boss, say 'leading up' rather than 'managing up'.
  • If you can't change the people then you change the people!
  • Power corrupts and Powerpoint corrupts absolutely.
  • Civil society organizations are always engaging governments but they keep postponing the marriage.
  • TINA: There Is No Alternative. 
  • SAKE (the Japanese drink): Skills, Attitudes, Knowledge, Experience.
  • Data do not ever speak for themselves.
  • The reason God gave you two ears and one mouth is that you listen more and speak less. (Otherwise known as the 2 to 1 rule.)
  • Perception is reality because people act on their perceptions.
  • If you are not aware of your blind spots, you are the only one!
  • That fellow is always on the sizzle and never focused on the steak.

Have fun.

Photo Credit: Antonio Lambino

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