Among the countries with the highest number of mini grids, the top 4 are in South Asia.

Divyanshi Wadhwa, Bassam Sebti |

Parmi les pays comptant le plus grand nombre de mini-réseaux, les 4 premiers se situent en Asie du Sud.

Divyanshi Wadhwa, Bassam Sebti |

Entre los países con el mayor número de mini redes, los 4 primeros están en Asia meridional.

Divyanshi Wadhwa, Bassam Sebti |

For verification purposes Survey Solution's picture question allows to document the installation and their new owner. The implementation and the monitoring of large infrastructure projects is…

Michael Wild |

Every minute, dozens of people in East Asia move from the countryside to the city. The massive population shift is creating some of the world’s biggest mega-cities including Tokyo, Shanghai,…

Axel van Trotsenburg |