Weekly links September 20: passionate pitches as seen in fMRIs, a different type of brain gain, tinkering with Likert scales, and more...

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The gender pay gap in garment factories in Bangladesh of 8% is a "grade gap": though they enter at the same level, men get promoted faster and thereby paid more.

Kathleen Beegle |

Across the world, the number of children with disabilities is growing. Increased awareness regarding learning, as well as invisible disabilities such as learning disabilities, are changing the…

Charlotte McClain-Nhlapo, Ola Abu Alghaib, Ruchi Singh |

Shortening Supply Chains for Fruit and Vegetable Sellers in Colombia – and what we learned about evaluating an early-stage start-up

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Over the last decade, an urban data revolution has taken shape, as cities all over the world started mobilizing geospatial data to address complex urban challenges.

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Weekly links September 6: Lots of goodies that caught my eye while on August break

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