Let’s start with a little quiz. Grab a piece of paper and pencil.   What’s the share of legal immigrants in the US population? (or you can choose the Germany, UK, Italy, Sweden or France).  A…

Markus Goldstein |

One of the most cited of Martin Ravallion’s many papers implores researchers to “look beyond averages” if they want to better understand development processes. One fruitful area in which this…

Michael Woolcock |

Consider two challenges in global education development: Effective adult education is difficult to accomplish all over the world. Quality of education is a problem across many countries in Africa…

David Evans |

Just before Christmas, Taranaki District Health Board in New Zealand announced their plans to make the emergency contraceptive pill freely available through pharmacies for youth aged 12 to 24.

Berk Özler |

This week, I am writing from Palmerston North in New Zealand, which is home to Massey University and is hosting the 2012 meetings of the NZAE.

Berk Özler |