Will cash and checks still exist 15 or 20 years from now given the increasing digitization of money? Is the smartphone our new bank? Will many people working in the financial sector industry lose…

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The onslaught of climate change in the Pacific Islands that look like tiny spots from space, is a big wake-up call for the youth of these nations. Young Pacific Islanders are taking a proactive…

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The room was deathly quiet apart from the tap-tap-tap of volunteers diligently clacking away at their keyboards. It could have been a library or students studying for exams but appearances are…

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I thought that seeing zoo animals would have prepared me for seeing these unfettered beasts at close quarters, but I was completely wrong. They are HUGE. I’d seen the video, read the book, heard…

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Students in Africa study with an LED lantern.

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The Garnaut Climate Change Review, compared to other influential reports on the issue, factors in economic growth and intensifying emissions from developing countries.

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