With climate change, extreme events are expected to be the “new normal” for many small island developing states. It will take coordination and action from multiple stakeholders to effectively…

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The world is urbanizing at an unprecedented speed and scale, with more than half the global population living in cities today… rising to nearly 7 out of 10 people in cities by 2050.

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The World Bank has prioritized helping Saint Vincent and the Grenadines build resilience against natural disaster and climate change.

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La Banque mondiale s’emploie à aider Saint-Vincent-et-les-Grenadines à renforcer sa résilience aux catastrophes naturelles et au changement climatique.

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El Banco Mundial ha dado prioridad a ayudar a San Vicente y las Granadinas a desarrollar la capacidad de recuperación contra los desastres naturales y el cambio climático.

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Convocatoria a presentar trabajos para la exhibición internacional de arte que se realizará próximamente. © GFDRR El arte es la reina de todas las ciencias que comunican conocimientos a todas las…

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The 2017 Hurricane season was the most devastating season on record in terms of cost. For many, it was a stark reminder of how the entire economy of a small nation can be wiped out in a few hours…

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What exactly is procurement, you may ask? If you google the word, you’ll likely find several different definitions.   Essentially, procurement is about buying things. That sounds quite simple, of…

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خوارزميات التعلُّم الآلي ممتازة في الإجابة عن الأسئلة ب"نعم" أو "لا". على سبيل المثال، تستطيع إجراء مسح لمجموعات بيانات ضخمة، وتبلغنا على وجه الدقة: هل تبدو هذه المعاملة ببطاقة…

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