From farms to towns, women are a major provider of food and food security for their families, but women in half of the world still struggle to access their equal land and property rights in spite…

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Central America has great development opportunities that aim at strengthening resilience by managing its current risks

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A pesar de los desafíos, en Centroamérica existen grandes posibilidades de desarrollo que apuntan a fortalecer su resiliencia.

Haris Sanahuja |

The World Bank has been working on Disaster Risk Managment with Guatemala’s national and local authorities and agencies since 2006.

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El Banco Mundial ha estado trabajando en gestión de riesgo de desastres con autoridades y agencias gubernamentales a nivel nacional y local desde 2006.

Barbara Minguez Garcia, Rodrigo Donoso Arias |

Economic growth, social inclusion, public health, environmental protection… mobility is at the core of many critical issues that have been shaping the global development agenda. This message came…

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يرى البعض أن الذكاء الاصطناعي تعبير يشوبه الغموض يُطلِق العنان لأفكار عن الروبوتات والحواسيب العملاقة، لكن الحقيقة هي أن خوارزميات التعلُّم الآلي وتطبيقاته – وإن كانت قد تنطوي على تعقيدات حسابية…

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Also available in: Español | Français  | 中文  Machine learning algorithms are excellent at answering “yes” or “no” questions. For example, they can scan huge datasets and correctly tell us: Does…

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[[avp asset="/content/dam/videos/ecrgp/2018/jun-19/disability_inclusion_-_ensuring_equal_access_to_urban_opportunities_for_all_hd.flv"]]/content/dam/videos/ecrgp/2018/jun-19/…

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During the Ninth Session of the World Urban Forum (WUF9) in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, the [[tweetable]]World Bank delegation met with Maimunah Mohd Sharif, Executive Director of the United Nations…

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