The program offers affordable loans for climate adaptation to households and to small businesses in manufacturing, tourism and agriculture.

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Hundreds of thousands of tons of plastic remain uncollected on Caribbean islands each year and voluminous waves of plastic waste wash up on the shores, especially after severe storms.

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版本: Français | Español | العربية 可持续城市摄影作品竞赛的出发点很简单。我们想要了解世界各地的人们听到“可持续城市”这个词会“看”到什么。   About this series More blog posts   可持续城市全球平台从全球四十多个国收到就九十多张参赛作品,内容发人深省。 摄影师通过照片试图传递的是一种需求:对能使城市恢复能力更强、…

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The Metro Cable in Medellin has facilitated greater access to mobility, services, and opportunities through connecting poorer neighborhoods with facilities and services throughout the city. Joe…

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