The author at one of the roads renovated with NT2 funds (2010 rainy season).

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The world South Asia will face after this crisis is not going to be the same as in the past. The trend that is accelerating after the financial crisis is that of the “new normal”: the shift in…

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Ok. We are back again @ Carbon Expo. This year in Cologne. The German weather cannot really keep up with Barcelona (were Carbon Expo was held in 2009) but we are keeping the spirits up and the…

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An infra-red night shot of an Indochinese Tiger (© WCS Lao/NEPL NPA). See more nightshots of wildlife here.

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It’s now that time for me when you have to sit down and write goodbye and thank you emails, throw away all those trees you’ve cut over the years (that would be paper), wrap up work, pack up your…

Nanda Gasparini |

In some villages in Laos, a household of six people live on US$320 a year, living with whatever means their environment offers them.

Nanda Gasparini |

Most of us in the development community are aware that proper water and sanitation services are crucial for life and health. Proper sanitation especially can decrease the instances and spread of…

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Image credit: CPI at Flickr under a Creative Commons license.

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