With new regulatory reforms in place, Malaysia is set to benefit from faster Internet connections for all its citizens, closing the gap in Internet speed with leading countries.

Siddhartha Raja, Richard Record |

As the country gears up to work on its 12th Malaysia Plan, its rich experience in national development planning for the past 60 years provides key lessons to consider.

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A new report focuses on how Southeast Asia can overcome the still very significant barriers to the expansion of its digital economy.

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تعتبر ماليزيا أحد البلدان الرائدة عالميًا في مجال التمويل الإسلامي والتي تمتلك أجندة قوية للاستثمارات الخضراء والمراعية للمناخ.

احمد حافظ عبد العزيز, وي تشانغ |

Malaysia is largely seen as a global leader in Islamic Finance and has a strong agenda for green and climate-friendly investments. But this outcome did not happen overnight.

Ahmad Hafiz Abdul Aziz, Wei Zhang |

[[tweetable]]Economic progress in East Asia and Pacific (EAP) has greatly contributed to the global reduction of extreme poverty. The more prosperous countries in the region – China, Thailand, and…

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عندما يتعلق الأمر بتحسين أداء المحفظة وجدت وحده اداره الدول المغربية ومالطا حلا يعمل بشكل جيد لشراكة مع نظراء الحكومه لتشكيل فريق قوي لدعم التنفيذ (IST)  استضاف البنك الدولي في أوائل آذار/مارس…

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Quand il s’agit de l'amélioration de la performance du portefeuille, le département du Maghreb (CMU) a trouvé une solution qui a bien marché : un partenariat avec les homologues du…

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When it comes to improving portfolio performance, the Maghreb Country Management Unit (CMU) has found a solution that worked well: Partnering with the Government counterparts to form a strong…

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