Protecting ASEAN’s impressive gains over the past two decades will require prioritizing investments in people – that is, human capital.

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Among the countries with the highest number of mini grids, the top 4 are in South Asia.

Divyanshi Wadhwa, Bassam Sebti |

Parmi les pays comptant le plus grand nombre de mini-réseaux, les 4 premiers se situent en Asie du Sud.

Divyanshi Wadhwa, Bassam Sebti |

Entre los países con el mayor número de mini redes, los 4 primeros están en Asia meridional.

Divyanshi Wadhwa, Bassam Sebti |

East Asia Pacific’s (EAP) strong economic performance over the past few decades has significantly benefited and empowered women in the region, bringing better health and education and greater…

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The Asia-Pacific region, comprised of 58 economies, is geographically expansive and a picture of diversity. The trends for sustainable energy in Asia-Pacific, which mirror the region’s economic…

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For verification purposes Survey Solution's picture question allows to document the installation and their new owner. The implementation and the monitoring of large infrastructure projects is…

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مواقع التواصل الاجتماعي أدوات نقوم من خلالها بالتواصل المباشر معكم في شتى أنحاء الأرض. وبها نشارككم أيضا أخبارنا ومشاريعنا وخططنا الهادفة لإنهاء الفقر المدقع في العالم وتعزيز الرخاء المشترك. ومن…

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Photo © :  Hong Sar/ World Bank. Kyaw San has trouble studying at night. The student from Yangon Division’s Buu Tar Suu village finds it especially difficult during the rainy season when his old…

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