How can investments in enforcement, facilitation and trust help governments increase tax collection? Here are lessons from a case study from the Kaduna State in Nigeria.

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Here are 7 things you need to know about taxing sugar-sweetened beverages.

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Nigeria joined the Open Government Partnership in 2016 and made commitments to improve fiscal transparency and public participation in the budgeting process. The World Bank is supporting the…

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Disabled people are among the most vulnerable populations in developing countries such as Nigeria, as they lack equal access and opportunity. Photo: 2018 European Union (photo by Samuel Ochai) The…

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Laws that protect and defend the rights of poor people are usually too ambiguous, cumbersome and expensive for them to access justice. In many developing countries, particularly in my home country…

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Here is a one-page instruction manual for managing an effective public service.  It is based on a recent World Bank Policy Research Working paper by Imran Rasul, Martin Williams and myself. 

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To what extent do politicians really keep bureaucrats focused on delivering public services?  Politicians may distort the technical processes of the executive for political gain. 

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También disponible en: English A partir de este mes, unos 9 millones de mujeres (i) podrán conducir vehículos en Arabia Saudita, luego del histórico anuncio efectuado en septiembre del año pasado…

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Cette page en: English | Español À partir du mois de juin, 9 millions de femmes (a) pourront prendre le volant en Arabie saoudite, après l’annonce, en septembre 2017, de la levée de l’interdiction…

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Also available in: Español  | العربية Starting this month, an estimated 9 million women will be able to get behind the wheel in Saudi Arabia after the historic announcement in September last year…

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