New Zealand’s success story is often told in terms of its lamb, wool, kiwifruit and agricultural exports. But our country’s greatest asset has always been our people who have been equipped to do…

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The experience of Bangladesh is a microcosm of the larger trend in global extreme poverty. Several countries at various levels of development have shown in the last few decades that it is possible…

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Owning and operating a small or medium enterprise (SME) can be an incredibly stressful exercise, placing huge pressure on the entrepreneurs behind these businesses.

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Moving towards environmental sustainability is one of our key commitments to the Government of Pakistan and to ourselves, and so we decided to walk the talk. For the past year, the World Bank…

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Эффективное и справедливое финансирование UHC имеет важное значение для обеспечения инклюзивного роста, особенно с учетом того, что на сектор здравоохранения приходится 11% мирового ВВП.

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Financing UHC efficiently and equitably is important to ensure inclusive growth—especially since the health sector accounts for 11 percent of global GDP.

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Alors que le secteur de la santé représente 11 % du PIB mondial, il est essentiel d’assurer un financement efficace et équitable de la couverture sanitaire universelle pour assurer une croissance…

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Financiar la cobertura sanitaria universal de manera eficiente y equitativa es importante para asegurar el crecimiento inclusivo —particularmente dado que el sector de salud representa el 11 % del…

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