Taji, a young boy in Nairobi, Kenya, sits outside his flooded classroom. School’s out, but not by choice. Cycles of floods and droughts have hit major African cities like Nairobi.

Zirra Banu |

A new study in Kenya shows not only increased labor market participation, but higher earnings and shifts in employment when mothers are offered subsidized daycare.

Markus Goldstein |

The Government of Kenya, with the help from the World Bank, is providing Kenyan youth with more agency and a platform to voice their thoughts and concerns about how budget is spent.

Claire Davanne |

A new report examines case studies of successful biodigester programs and discusses how agriculture programs can support the expansion of clean cooking technologies.

Katie Kennedy Freeman |

Comment promouvoir des technologies de cuisson propre par le biais de programmes agricoles ? Un nouveau rapport ouvre des pistes pour répondre à cette question, en détaillant des études de cas…

Katie Kennedy Freeman |

En un nuevo informe se examinan estudios de caso de programas de biodigestores exitosos y se analiza cómo los programas agrícolas pueden apoyar la ampliación de las tecnologías no contaminantes…

Katie Kennedy Freeman |

على الرغم من أن عمر صناعة الطاقة الشمسية خارج الشبكة لا يتجاوز عشرة أعوام، قدمت بالفعل حتى في هذه المرحلة المبكرة خدمات طاقة عالية الجودة لمئات الملايين من الأشخاص - وهو أمر لم تكن خدمات الكهرباء…

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