Taji, a young boy in Nairobi, Kenya, sits outside his flooded classroom. School’s out, but not by choice. Cycles of floods and droughts have hit major African cities like Nairobi.

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As the world rushes to reduce the negative impacts of climate change, ambitious sub-national actors are rising to the fore. The recent One Planet Summit exemplifies this trend. Earlier this month…

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The Africa Disaster Risk Financing Initiative supports agriculture insurance programs which unlock critical assess to credit for low-income farmers in Kenya, as well as in Uganda and Rwanda. Photo…

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We’re pleased to announce support for 12 projects which seek to improve the way development data are produced, managed, and used. They bring together diverse teams of collaborators from around the…

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Nous avons le plaisir de dévoiler les 12 projets retenus pour soutenir l’amélioration de la production, la gestion et l’utilisation des données sur le développement. Portés par des équipes…

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1755 tarihli Lizbon depreminin ardından Saint Paul Kilisesi’nin kalıntıları. (Fotoğraf: Wikimedia Commons)

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Ruinele Bisericii Sfântul Paul după cutremurul din 1755 din Lisabona. (Fotografie via Wikimedia Commons)

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Photo: UNMISS/Flickr Humanitarian and development efforts serve two distinct and complementary objectives. Humanitarian work focuses on responding to emergency situations in the immediate…

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Развалины базилики Сан-Паулу после Лиссабонского землетрясения 1755 года. (Источник: Викисклад

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Also available in: Русский | Română | Türkçe Ruins of the Church of Saint Paul, following the 1755 Lisbon earthquake. (Photo via Wikimedia Commons) [[tweetable]]Did you know that, in 1755,…

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