Barisal and its neighboring districts are highly prone to climate hazards, like extreme flooding and rising salinity in soil and water.
This causes waterlogging and disrupts traditional…

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As heatwaves intensify, life for many South Asians will change. While this change may not be fully reversible, with appropriate policy and action, it can be managed to ease its impact.

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The foundations of our food systems are being undermined and this is unsustainable. It will be even more so as we increase food production to feed a growing population.

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À l’occasion de la Journée internationale de la biodiversité, je vous invite à découvrir cinq faits marquants sur les enjeux connexes de l’alimentation et de la biodiversité qui prouvent que le…

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Las bases de nuestros sistemas alimentarios están siendo afectadas y esto es insostenible. La situación empeorará a medida que aumente la producción de alimentos para alimentar a una creciente…

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يقول تقرير للأمم المتحدة صدر في الآونة الأخيرة إن أعداد الكثير من الأنواع التي تشارك في إنتاج الغذاء بشكل غير مباشر كالطيور التي تأكل آفات المحاصيل وأشجار المنغروف التي تساعد في تنقية المياه آخذة…

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Le fléau de la dénutrition est d’une ampleur considérable en Asie du Sud. Les taux de retard de croissance et d’insuffisance pondérale chez les enfants y sont parmi les plus élevés du monde.

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The death toll from Cyclone Idai that ripped into Mozambique, Zimbabwe, and Malawi in March 2019 is now above 1, 000, with damages estimated at $2 billion. In 2018, more than 10, 000 people lost…

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More than 150 people participated in the SotM Africa conference in 2017. (Courtesy of SotM Africa) There is a unique space where you can encounter everyone from developers of self-driving cars in…

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