E-commerce can become a driver of growth across South Asia and boost trade between the region’s countries, but its potential remains largely untapped.

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Intraregional trade in South Asia could be worth $67 billion rather than $23 billion. This gap between potential and actual trade leads to a signficiant loss to consumers, firms and exporters, in…

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World Bank South Asia Region team provides a platform for conversations about regional connectivity and helps find common ground between country priorities and regional integration.

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Bhutan's burgeoning services sector clusters mostly around cities, making it the fastest urbanizing country in South Asia.

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世界银行的研究结果表明:“一带一路”交通走廊能大幅改善参与国的贸易、外国投资和国民生活条件—— 但前提是,中国及“一带一路”的各参与国能实施更深入的,可提升透明度、扩大贸易和提高债务可持续性的政策改革,并减少环境、社会和腐败风险。

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A new World Bank study concludes that the Belt and Road transport corridors could substantially improve trade, foreign investment, and living conditions for citizens in participating countries—but…

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A fully functioning network will allow a ship to pick up freight in Assam and sail south on the Brahmaputra River into Bangladesh. From there, a ship can continue south to an ocean port in…

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Investors want to ensure that their investment will be subject to predictable and stable rules and are well-protected from arbitrary government conduct. One fundamental set of tools that…

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