Secure land rights play a key role in addressing the climate crisis. Yet billions of peoples’ rights to the lands and resources they live on and manage are unrecognized.

Wael Zakout, Andy White |

I witnessed how in a melding of the old and new, the World Bank is working with the Indonesian government to deliver better basic services through the convergence of three elements: the tradition…

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A class of 4 year olds and their teacher say namaste in rural Nepal.
Photo © Aisha Faquir/World Bank

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A parenting education workshop is underway in Indonesia. Ed's note: This guest blog is by Heather Biggar Tomlinson (Executive Director, Roshan Learning Center) and Syifa Andina (Chairperson,…

Heather Biggar Tomlinson, Syifa Andina |

Apoyar el desarrollo sostenible de los pueblos indígenas es fundamental para alcanzar los dos objetivos del Banco Mundial de poner fin a la pobreza y promover la prosperidad compartida en los…

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